School calendar 2012-2013

   Autumn Term    Events
  Sun, 9th September 2012   First day of term
  Sun, 28th October 2012   Eid Al Adha (nursery closed)
  Thurs, 15th November 2012   Hijri New Year (nursery closed)
  Sun, 2nd December 2012   UAE National Day (nursery closed)

  Thurs, 20th December 2012

  Last day of term

   Spring Term    Events
  Sun,   06th January 2013   First day of term
  Thurs, 24th January 2013   Prophet’s birthday (nursery closed)
  Sun,   28th March 2013   Last day of term
   Summer Term    Events
  Sun,   07th April 2013   First day of term
  Thurs, 06th June 2013   Ascension of the Prophet (nursery closed)
  Thurs, 27th June 2013

  Last day of term 

   Summer Camp    Events
  Sun,   30th June 2013   First day of summer camp
  Thurs,  8th August 2013   Eid Al Fitr (lasts 3 days, nursery closed)

  Thurs, 29th August 2013

  Last day of summer camp        


  • Dates for Islamic Observances and National Day are subject to change as per the UAE government decisions concerning public holidays.
  • Please note that, the nursery is open throughout the year except for the public holidays.