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WELCOME to my London and Paris International Nursery!

Hi! Hallo! See you are peeping in to read a little bit more about my nursery. I just love my nursery, me and my friends.  Together we got a head start to our bilingual education (I heard my mommy said something like that.....and that the nursery provides us with organized programs of play activities and simple instructions by following the British National Early Years Foundation guidelines) Phew, that is a mouthful!

Mom and I attended the nursery coffee morning and with my friends, the mums there just discussing the major advantage we have by attending a bilingual nursery which provides us with French and English Education and Arabic as an optional. The educational concept of London and Paris International Nursery takes into account the world we live in, based on dynamic well-defined ideas. Here we are learning through play and have lots of opportunities to increase our ability to communicate.

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