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London and Paris International Nursery we take the responsibility of our children’s safety and welfare very seriously. We strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children, staff and other people who visit the nursery.

Our nursery, staff and children are fully covered by insurance for any risk or accident it may occur. All the rooms are monitored by CCTV and a security doorbell with camera is installed at the entrance.

Well-equipped clinic is at place and a full time DOH registered nurse is present all times. A mandatory visit from our specialist doctors – Paediatrician for routine check-up and an Ophthalmology for eyesight check-ups for children scheduled on a monthly basis.


All the classrooms are fully equipped with materials and toys appropriate to all age group. The classrooms are painted with non-toxic paint in light colours, sharps corners are also covered to ensure children’s safety. The nursery is thoroughly cleaned regularly; all toys are cleaned and sanitized. Alcohol-fee hand sanitizers are at place for hygiene purposes.


Fire alarm is at place, our air conditioners, water tanks are being clean and sanitize regularly. Air purifier is also available in the classroom for clean ventilation. Play area flooring is covered with slip resistant tiles; all gates leading to and from the outside area are kept closed at all times.

Our swimming pool is very shallow with rubber tiles, safety rings, hooks and a manual resuscitator (ambubag) are within the pool side. Arm bands are inflated and ready for use. 

London and Paris International Nursery provides bus transportation. 

A monthly service is being done to ensure the bus is in good condition. All the seats have a lapped fitted belt to ensure children's safety, a medical kit and fire extinguisher is available inside the bus in case of emergency.  

Our driver is trained and passed the RTA requirements. One nanny is in the bus to accompany and assist children during pick up and drop off time. Your child will only be handed over only to the authorize person aside from the parents/guardians. We also require a car seat from the parents for children who are taking the school bus. Only children from 2 years and above can make use of the school bus.

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